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Welcome to the NARLVI Website

The site dedicated to the achievements of those who

have made a significant contribution, over many years,

to our great game of rugby league, both on and off the field.

We have believed for some time that the great players

of Rugby League and their achievements should be

captured on video for posterity. What finally triggered us to

go ahead and create the “R.L.Video Archive” was the

untimely death of the late, great Trevor Foster (former

Bradford and Great Britain test star) early in 2005.

Trevor was a truly wonderful man whose love for, and 

service to, the sport of Rugby League, had earned him

universal respect both within and outside our great game.

With his passing yet another legend was lost to us forever,

and we therefore decided that the time had come to

take action.

We undertook extensive research into the feasibility of

creating the archive and received considerable encourage-

ement from those who shared our love for the game.

Therefore we decided to go ahead with our plan to produce a

high quality product that would give untold pleasure to those

aficionados who want to see and hear the true greats of our

game recall their outstanding memories of their playing days

and beyond.

All of our Interview Videos can now be viewed online for a small fee

also available there are nearly all of the Challenge Cup Finals since 1960 these can be viewed free of charge by going to our Sister site


Billy Boston

Billy Boston at the Interview

Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy at the Interview

Vince Karalius

Vince at the Interview

Neil Fox

Neil Fox at the Interview

Eric Ashton

Eric Ashton at the Interview

Johnny Whiteley

Johnny Whiteley at the interview

Mick Sullivan

Mick Sullivan at the Interview

Tom van Vollenhoven

Tom at the Interview at the Interview

Dick Huddart

Dick Huddart at the Interview

Roger Millward

Roger Millward at the Interview

Doug Laughton

Doug Laughton at the Interview

Paul Charlton

Paul Charlton at the Interview

Garry Schofield

Garry Schofield at the Interview

Andy Gregory

Andy Gregory at the interview

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