Garry Schofield O.B.E

Garry Schofield O.B.E.

Garry Schofield Born 1st July 1965, in Belle Isle, Leeds, U.K.
Signed for Hull F.C. in August 1983, for a fee of £22,000, after Captaining the BARLA under 18s on a tour to New Zealand.
Signed for Leeds 23rd October 1987 for a transfer fee of £178,250 .
He equaled Mick Sullivan's record by playing 46 games for Great Britain.

Garry Schofield Hull and Leeds

Garry Playing for Great Britain

Garry Schofield Leeds and Hull

Garry Schofield at the Interview

Garry Schofield Great Britain

Leeds Garry Schofield

In this 3 Hours + Interview Garry tells us about his career from start to finish.Playing over 500 Games for Hull F.C., Leeds (his home town club) , Huddersfield, Doncaster, Bramley and playing a Record equaling 46 times for Great Britain (joint record holder with Mick Sullivan, see Micks interview page on this site). He captained G.B in many of these matches.

This interview has Garry giving an honest opinion on his own performances and on the performances of his team mates, the coaches and the managements of the time. He truly tells it, like if was, for him throughout his career.

He explains his reasons for leaving Hull and the stick he has received ever since from the black and white supporters and how he is now glad he is no longer public enemy number 1 in Hull.

Listen to his description of what it was like Captaining G.B. in the 1992 2nd test against Australia in Melbourne, when G.B. won the match 33-10, and you will understand the passion he had for playing for G.B. He explains how the Aussie press played up the Aussie teams achievements and always played down the G.B. teams performances.

I am sure we all have an opinion of Garry Schofield, having seen him play so many times and watched and read his comments in the media, always having an opinion mostly controversial and contrary to the perceived wisdom, of the so called experts. I honestly believe after watching this Interview the vast majority of supporters will modify if not alter their opinions dramatically.

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