Mick Sullivan

Mick Sullivan

Mick Sullivan was born on 21st January 1934, in Leeds, England.Signed to the professional game for Huddersfield in 1954, from the Shaw Cross amateur club of Dewsbury.

Mick Sullivan at Wigan

Great Britain's Mick Sullivan

Interview with Mick Sullivan

GB's Mick Sullivan

Mick Sullivan Great Britain

Mick a Pudsey lad (born in Leeds), was signed by Huddersfield from the Shaw Cross boys amateur club of Dewsbury, aged 20 years.

Playing centre for Huddersfield inside the great winger Lionel Cooper, hear what Mick has to say about Lionels influence in his early games. Such was his impact, Micks first representative match was for Great Britain in the 1954 World Cup in France. Great Britain being the surprise winners of the first ever World Cup Final.

Mick made a record 46 appearances for Great Britain playing against Australia, New Zealand and France including an amazing record of 36 consecutive test appearances. During his career he played mainly on the Left wing (even though he was right handed) but he could also play centre or stand-off to great effect.

In the other interviews conducted by the National Archive, with his contemporaries, they all to a man mention Mick as great winger, tackler, team mate and one of the hardest tacklers/men they had ever seen, especially considering his height and weight.
As you will hear in the interview he was and still is full of devilish fun and you will understand the effect his character had on any team especially a touring team.
It is often said, that the opposition supporters both home and abroad both hated and loved the man in equal parts, there was never a dull moment when Sulli was on the field of play.

Wigan signed Mick from Huddersfield for a then record £11,000 an amount double the existing record payment. He was later signed by St. Helens and went on to finish his career with York, Junee and Dewsbury.

He was no respecter of authority and had a few fall outs with the Rugby League hierarchy, he tells us, with a glint in his eye, about his record of being banned sine die, twice, by the RFL.

Sometimes controversial always fun a great team mate and a great great player rated as one of the best by his peers.

Below a Clip from Mick Sullivan's Interview

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