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The review below appeared in the Rugby Leaguer & League Express published on 19th December 2005

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Billy Boston - DVD video interview

Format: DVD (all regions)
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​The National Archive of Rugby League Video Interviews

Advances in technology have had a profound effect upon rugby league over the past decade. Now, thanks to The National Archive of Rugby League Video Interviews, you can enjoy interviews from some of the greatest players from rugby league's past.

Reduced costs and improved video production gear has meant that it is now economically feasible for DVDs to be made and released in much smaller niche markets.

Too many of our most famous rugby league men have quietly faded away without their memoirs and personal recollections being recorded. Sure, a few have written books, but it isn't quite the same as seeing and hearing these men.

Not all retired footballers are comfortable in front of the camera, so the key task for video interviewers is to make their guest comfortable enough that they open up. This is not easy to achieve.

To the credit of The National Archive of Rugby League, their first DVD "subject" Billy Boston warmed to the situation after the first few questions.

Throughout the entire DVD, all we see on the screen in Boston - it is as if we are sitting opposite him having a friendly chat in a pub.

Boston begins by telling us of his early days playing rugby union in Wales, and from there, takes us on a personal journey through his life on and off the field in rugby league.

The producers did not skim on the content either - while a few minor edits have been made, the whole interview comprises a generous 100 minutes.

Also now available is an interview with Alex Murphy, with the promise of more DVDs to follow.

The National Archive of Rugby League deserves to be congratulated for a wonderful initiative - I suspect that rugby league fans 50 years from now will be thanking them the most.

The DVDs are available to purchase via the web worldwide.

​The National Archive of Rugby League Video Interviews